The only way is

There’s no-one left to turn to but each other, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Listening for Britain

During an election, politicians and the media seem more interested in dividing us than bringing us together. But, we all know we have to work together to get through the huge challenges our communities face.

At a time when it feels like everybody is shouting, stopping to listen has become a radical and powerful thing to do.

Kicking off the day after the election, we aim to develop a picture of what life is really like today in Britain.

Read more about our National Listening Campaign.

Get up, stand up

Westminster politics isn’t working for us, our families, our communities, or nature. Our democracy needs an upgrade. So Humanity Project is igniting a national conversation about power – how it works, who has it and who doesn’t, alongside a cultural wave creating a chorus for change.

Let’s work together

We’re facilitating local Popular Assemblies (Pops) up and down the country, connected to a national Popular Assembly – a people’s powerhouse made up not by career party politicians, but by a jury of informed citizens, ready to make the decisions we need on issues like the cost of living and climate crises.

How can you join?

The Plan for the future

A new culture of inclusive democracy, crafting a new common sense, delivering the solutions we need.

Organise a Popular Assembly

Start a journey of change, reconnection and empowerment in your local area, workplace, or university.

Be a part of our organisation

We’re looking for people from all walks of life to help us upgrade democracy in the UK and beyond.

“This Popular Assembly is light, refreshing, and a rewarding way to spend the day. It’s a balm to the soul, to see how us ordinary people can actually start to do what is needed, and make a good, thriving future seem a lot closer. I left feeling inspired to action, and hopeful.”

Rachel Pryor, November ’23, Bristol POP

Who we are

A network of people from across the country coming together in love and care. A creative and people-powered dynamo for change, we are committed to crafting new tools, developing fresh perspectives and, together, growing the new structures needed for an inclusive 21st century democracy to flourish. Humanity Project was started by some of the most successful builders of social movements of recent decades, but its momentum and direction comes from you – thousands are already taking part in this national conversation and pushing it forward.