National Listening Campaign

Humanity Project is organising a National Listening Campaign over the Summer.

During an election, politicians and the media seem more interested in dividing us than uniting us. Yet, we all know we must work together to overcome the huge challenges our communities face.

At a time when it feels like everybody is shouting, stopping to listen has become a radical and powerful act.

Key dates

  • The campaign kicks off the day after the election (5th July) and runs until politicians return to Parliament after their Summer break (early September – exact date TBC). In total the campaign will run for approx. 2 months.
  • During the campaign, local teams will check in with a Listening Supporter every two weeks to discuss progress, answer questions and receive help.
  • There’s a WhatsApp chat where you can ask questions, access resources, and receive peer-support from others around the country.
    Join the WhatsApp chat.

“Democracy begins in conversation. Listening to one another, even when we do not agree, is the foundation of a functioning democracy.”

John Dewey, philosopher and educational reformer

What’s next?

  • By September, the National Team will aim to have secured funding to launch a new phase of assemblies.
  • After the Listening Campaign has ended, The National Team will analyse thousands of conversations and make a public announcement about the state of Britain today.
  • In addition, The National Team will connect communities that are struggling with the same issues for a series of online assemblies.


  • What happens if we already have Pops planned?

That’s okay—Humanity Project can support Pops that have already been planned until mid-July. After those are done, local teams are welcome to continue with Pops, though Humanity Project wouldn’t be able to support any further ones due to funding constraints.

  • How many people do we need to listen to in total?

It’s up to you! Obviously, the more people we listen to collectively, the greater our impact. That’s why we are aiming to hold thousands of listening conversations across the country during the campaign.

  • What support will we get along the way?

A person from the national team will support you, and you’ll have support from others around the country joining in the listening campaign. There’ll be fortnightly voluntary check-ins during the campaign, where you can ask questions and receive support from HP and the wider listening campaign. These take place every other Tuesday 7-8pm; check out the next session here.

Getting Started

Want to learn how to get started?

Join the Listening Campaign WhatsApp Chat

for answers, resources and peer support

Attend a listening training session:

next one 12th July 9am-12pm