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Start a journey of change, reconnection and empowerment in your local area, workplace, or university.

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When urgent problems need addressing, people have always come together to solve them. This is nothing new. But a centralised, corporate co-opted political system has stripped communities of the resource or ability to make progress through traditional channels.

Popular Assemblies, or ‘Pops’, are a different approach, and are not exclusive – quite the opposite! Anyone with the right training, driven by care and a passion for giving everyone a say, can host one. And you don’t have to wait around for those in power to grant you permission.

Pops have been developed to ensure accessibility for all communities, fitting a range of needs. They’re designed to equalise voices, centring on the magic that happens when we actively listen to one another, and are mainly used as tools for decision-making. Your Pop might specifically be about bridging divides in your local area, or it could simply be an opportunity to learn and commune with your neighbours.

We’ve developed a ‘How to Run a Popular Assembly Toolkit’ giving an in depth guide to planning your Pop. We also host regular facilitation training sessions from experts who have worked both in the UK and internationally. We’re growing a community of hundreds of people like you looking to make change nationally, in order for us all to learn from each other.

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